The heART Project

I’ve got something really exciting in the works! The heART Project is a multi-media creation that involves all of my past and future artworks, while focusing on the reader’s well-being. It’ll be about art as therapy, mental health, true beauty, humanity and of course, ART!

The heART Project  will be an art book, a film, a cartoon series, a video game and a soundtrack put together as one experience. How? If you stick around, you’ll find out.

Right now I will be focusing on writing the art book, drawing illustrations for it and creating the comic pages that will be in it. I am also working on learning code as to make the video game. The link to the most current version of the book is below and updates of my progress will be posted below as well, with the most recent updates nearest to the top.

Current Version of the Book

The heART Project’s art book is in its beginning state and will be constantly changed, edited and built upon.

1/1/2021 At this time, I have chosen to put up the first draft on another day. (TO BE UPDATED)

Pluck Comic

I’m very excited about this comic! It will be peppered throughout The heART Book, but here I will put all of the issues in one place.

(TO BE UPDATED: The version below is not updated. It will be better quality and include more pages.)

The heART Magazine

The heART Magazine is a short booklet that explores the making of The heART Project. In other words, it is a digital art diary!

The heART Magazine

the heART project updates

June 10th 2020

This year so far has been insane. So much has happened around the world and this has influenced my art and mental health. I have finally finished the prologue of my Pluck comic and I will soon start working on chapter 1! To check out the prologue, click the link above that is under ‘Pluck Comic.’ I will be working on a new heART Magazine issue soon too!

September 2nd 2019

It’s been a while! I finished the second issue of the magazine to see everything that has happened with The heART Project over these months. I also created a twitter account ( @wonderwitchmon ) where I can update more and post my art.

April 8th 2019

The first issue of the magazine is done! The link to it is above.

April 6th 2019

So much has happened in the last month. While I was in hospital I wrote so much about the heART Project, which really fleshed it out and made it a lot bigger and more exciting. I also focused on the details, making the whole project come together in my head. This all resulted to me starting a new comic, writing new material, (the end of chapter 2) and editing some of what needed to be edited.

I wrote a bit more about The heART Project on my last blog post. I will also start making little “magazines” that record the process of me creating The heART Project from the ground up. Lots of exciting things coming very soon!

March 6th 2019

Today I have been experimenting with the layout of the art book and while this will most likely look nothing like the finished product, I’d like to share it with you.